Apps for the garden you always dreamed to have. If you are living in a city but still want to have a garden: don’t worry! With the new technologies that are surrounding us you can learn really easy and quick how to raise an urban garden. Here are 6 apps that you can download on your phone to help:


1. Gardroid

Any gardener will consider this app fantastic. The app has friendly design which is well-written. This app is really useful because it’s not only keeping track, but it teaches you how to plant and makes sure your plants are getting exactly what they need.

2. Gardening Manager

Exactly how it sounds! This app helps you to keep track of your planting and growing schedule. You can create a garden diary to take notes and using them to learn from your mistakes and maybe to change the way you garden.

3. Garden squared

This app is perfect for someone that already knows what to do in a garden. The purpose of this application is to help you plan and keep track of what is planted where in your garden. Also, it’s an an easy-to-use planning method for your garden, maybe you’ll find it useful.



4. Garden Compass

If you are concerned that your plants may get ill, Garden Compass what you are looking for. This app lows you to ensure your plants are healthy by identifying pests and diseases. If you are having troubles with herbs in your garden you can simply take a photo of them the app and identify it.

5. Vegetable tree

A great feature of this app is that it explains important characteristics of different fruits and vegetables and how they can survive in a garden. Also, it gives you tips and trick on how to raise a variety of plants.

6. Garden time planner

This app has great informational database about whatever plants you are growing as well as instructional videos. Incorporated in this app you’ll find a weather feature that will help you to always know in what conditions your plants are evolving.



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