Almost everybody has at least one plant inside their house. While many plants are known for attracting good energies inside your home, very few people know that there are some apartment plants that attract sadness and poverty in their house and life. If you have these three plants inside you’re home get rid of them right now!

1. Dieffenbachia, a deadly plant

Dieffenbachia plants

Dieffenbachia is indeed very common among household plants. Many people love this plant for its beauty and ease of caring. This plant, which is often found in offices and private homes, attracts negative energies. Also, it is said that Dieffenbachia rejects money and the chance for people to increase their income.

Furthermore, this is a very toxic plant. The risk of irritation from Dieffenbachia is well known. People have been aware of its properties as an irritant for centuries. The stem and leaves contain an extremely toxic substance that can kill a man in less than five minutes. People that have children or pets should not keep a Dieffenbachia in their home.

2. Snake plants

Snake plant

Snake plant, also known as Sansevieria Trifasciata, or Mother In-Law’s Tongue is another misfortune plant. It attracts many negative energies inside people’s houses. Many people believe that snake plant is responsible for couple quarrels and breakups.

Furthermore, snake plant is dangerous for children and pets. If the plant is accidentally ingested it can cause nausea and vomiting in children and diarrhea and pain in pets.

3. Ficus



It’s one of the most beautiful and loved houseplants. It’s no wonder that this is one of the most common apartment plants. Very few people know that ficus is one of the most dangerous plants, because attracts bad luck. It is said that besides bad luck, the plant also attracts other misfortunes like illness, quarreling, and many negative energies.

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