Swings are a simple, fun way for children to play outdoors. While expensive, store-bought plastic and metal swing sets have become popular, anyone with a sturdy enough tree to work with can make an affordable swing at home. There are quite a few simple swings you can put together in just one afternoon.


1. Rope and wood

This is the easiest way to create a home swing. It’s a nice family project that you can make with your kid in a Sunday afternoon.

Materials you will need:

  • safety glasses
  • handsaw
  • drill – 1/2-inch spade drill bit
  • scissors
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • putty knife
  • electric sander
  • rafter square
  • lumber – 1×8 hardwood board at least 44 inches [112cm] long – Cut two pieces at 22” [56 cm]
  • rope – 1/2-inch braided nylon rope (length will vary according to height of tree branch)
  • carpenter’s glue
  • rags for clean-up
  • masking tape
  • lighter or matches
  • 100-120 grit sand paper or sanding sponge

After you have gathered all the materials you need you can get started. The video below will be a real help. You can find here all the steps you need to create this swing.

2. Tire Swing

 If the first one isn’t your type, then try out this tire swing. They are incredible resistant and they are actually really easy to make.

Try out this amazing swings and create them with your kids! Or, even better, surprise them by making it on your own and then add it in your garden! This video are really helpful and well made. They ensure the safety of your kid being made from safe materials that can’t make any harm.


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