When you have kids you have a lot of toys. Many of the toys are neglected by kids, as they grow up, so you can use them in order to create unique home decorations. Small animal toys can became bookmarks, book holders, earrings and even soap for kids. Here are 10 brilliant ideas to inspire you.

1. With a dinosaur toy and a plate you will get a chic plateau. You only have to cut the head off the dinosaur’s head and then fill the body with stones. Then, glue the plate on the neck and the head on the plate. Paint everything in any colour you like.

2. The small animal toys are ideal for creating an unique pair of earrings. All you have to do is to cut them in half and then stick on both sides special earrings locks.

3. The same animals, cut in half, can be used to create magnets for your fridge.

4. Old dolls can be used to make funny bookmarks. Cut the legs and the arms and add a cardboard to them.

5. With two bricks, painted with spray painting in white and pink (or other colours that fit your room design). Paint two rhinoceros in gold and add glue them to the bricks.

6. A turtle or a bug toy can be used as flower pots. Cut out a part of it, as showed in the video, and fill it with soil, then plant your cactus inside.

7. Jars can be more funny if you glue an animal toy on the cap and paint everything in gold.

8. An old lamp can also be decorated with toys. Glue them around the lamp leg and paint them in white, then in golden colour, or silver.

9. Plastic glasses can became mugs by gluing small plastic animals as holders. Paint everything in your favourite colour, using a painting spray.

10. If you have some plastic eggs, put in each of them a little animal toy, then fill the eggs with soap. The kids will love the egg soap with surprises.

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