Memories are an important part of our life. If you had the luck to immortalize a happy moment that have an important signification for you don’t waste it. Don’t keep your photos into an old dusted album, frame them up! And if you want to make them even more special you can make your own frames!

1. Old tools

Everyone have some old tools around the house that they don’t need anymore. If the thought of transforming them into an frame never crossed your mind this is the moment to consider it an option. Look how great this trick works!

2. Popsicle sticks

Another cute and easy trick is to use old popsicle sticks glued together. Paint them however you want or create a crazy pattern that will make your photos to out stand. This project is so easy that you can make it with your kid!


3. Transfer your images to wood

Exactly how hear! There are some easy steps that you have to follow to bring this project to life. This is a fantastic solution because this way your pictures will last longer and you can display them everywhere. is teaching us how to make this amazing frame right in our homes.


4. A unique displaying

All you need for this project it’s a wooden frame, string and some clothespins. Framed this way the photos will look like they are stretched out to dry. To bring a bright accent, paint the wood frame into a strong color.


5. Old window frame

Vintage objects are often saved and reused. The purpose of a window frame it’s to allow you to have a view on the outside. But if you have an old window frame that you could use, don’t hesitate and hang it up on your wall! It can be painted or you can leave it as it is, both ways it will look great.


6.Frames from your old music

Yes, you could hit play on some old lyrics while crafting this frames but this time we are talking about something else. Use the old CDs that are broken or you simply don’t listen to them anymore to create an gorgeous and special frame. is our teacher in mastering this technique.


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