Easter is almost here! So it’s time to start your preparation for this holiday. One of the most important decor you can make at home is a Easter wreath. Your front door will look amazing without spending a lot of money.

Easter wreath with colourful eggs

Easter Wreath

It looks amazing and it’s easy to make. You only need same vine wreath. Make a round circle from two or three vines, and fix it with other vines so it can stay in shape. Then add as many vines wreath around them in order to obtain a wreath in the size you need. Glue same pastel plastic eggs all over it and, between the eggs add some small flowers (choose immortal flowers or plastic ones). At the end add a bow on the top of your Easter wreath and fix it at the front door.

Rustic nest Easter wreath

Easter Wreath

If you want to obtain a rustic look for your house you will need to make a wreath from vine wreaths and add some tree branches between them. Then glue some fathers and some small plastic eggs! Now, enjoy it!

Eggs and bunny wreath

Easter Wreath

This is a beautiful and simple wreath you can create with your child. Firstly you need to create a circle from a few vines. Then decorate the wreath with a few Easter eggs (from plastic) and some burlap flowers. Glue some grass beside a few eggs and glue the rabbit in the grass. At the end add some small flowers to give it a spring touch.

Pink tulips Easter wreath

Easter Wreath

This is one of the simplest and one of the most beautiful Easter wreath. You can make it in 5 minutes, and then enjoy its beauty. Make a wreath from vanes and, when you finish it add tulips all around.

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