Easter egg tree is must and a nice decoration you can make at home without spending lots of money. The kids will adore it and it will bring joy to your house.

The Easter egg tree is actually a decoration you can make from tree branches ans some coloured eggs (plastic eggs or polystyrene).

If you have kids choose polystyrene eggs so they can paint them in any colour they desire. In fact, it’s a good option even if you are single, because in this way you can paint them in any colour you desire.

Now, that you have your eggs, you can start making the tree. You will need a bucket, sand an tree branches.

You can buy some tree branches from the store or you can cut some branches from the trees in your yard. For an amazing result you can choose some branches that are about to bloom.

Add the sand in the bucket and tap it very well, then add the branches into the sand. Place them in such way that you obtain a small tree.

Next, you have to glue some ribbon at the top of any egg. When it is dry, hang the eggs into the tree. You will obtain a very beautiful Easter egg tree

Here are some cute Easter egg tree ideas to inspire you

Tips: If you have a small tree in your yard, don’t hesitate to decor it with Easter eggs.

Easter egg tree

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