Spring is here and Easter is right behind the corner. Let’s celebrate this christian holiday by learning how to create our own Easter decorations .Here are 7 easy steps on how to do your own ornaments. They are perfect for your Easter party or just for celebrating spring.

1. A bunny garland

Use a homemade garland to decorate your front door. This decoration will bring color and joy to your house. It’s not hard to make it and you’ll only need a few things: colored paper, yarn, a fork, craft glue and a bunny garland template. You can follow the tutorial at Diycandy.Dcom .



2. Pastel jars

If you want a unique vase for this spring we have the best solution for you. You’ll only need a jar and some acrylic colors for painting it. For this season experts highly recommend the pastel palette because this gorgeous shades resemblance perfect the mood that spring gives to us.


3. Easter floral arrangement

Everyone is painting eggs for this holiday but did you ever considered using them into a floral arrangement? Well they’ll make a great Easter decoration. Depending on what colors you’ll use to paint your eggs you can choose from a variety of spring flowers to create your perfect arrangement.


4. Turn your old spoons into bunnies

Your children will love this decoration. You’ll only need some old wooden spoons, giggly eyes, paint and some fabric. This is a project that you can do with your child. Decide what colors you both like and start painting.


5. Buttons for decorations

Create your easter tableau using buttons and arranging them into an egg or bunny shape. If you want your picture to be a focus point or a color accent use strong colors that work together.


6. Again bunnies

This is another project that you can do with your child. You’ll need some old socks, rice, giggly eyes, fabric and some ribbon. They are great anti-stress toys and, also, their look is cute and funny.


7. Surprise candy

For this last decoration you’ll only need paper, sewing thread, a needle and…CANDIES! Cut your paper into a bunny shape and fill it with candies. After that sew the rabbits edges and add a little fluffy tail.


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