Create your own filled with books chair. If you are the kind of person that loves to read and enjoys to spend some quality time by themselves this chair is exactly what you need. No matter what the situation is either a rainy day or you are just exhausted after a long day at work this chair will be boost up for your mood. Basically is a dream came true for every book worm.

This design was created at first by Giovanni Gennari and Alisée Matta of nobody&co. You can buy the chair at the price of 5000$ or you can built it yourself.


How to built Bookshelf Chair?

On is a project published by Darko K which is teaching us how to make our own bookshelf chair “for the fraction of the cost”. You only need to follow 15 steps. All the materials that you’ll need are noted there.

This chair can be a fantastic present for someone loved. Considering that is something that you will make with your own hands it will be priceless and irreplaceable. The receiver of this amazing gift will appreciate the hard and fantastic work that you have done.

After you have build the wood frame, decorate it to be in harmony with the personality of the person who will enjoy it. For that you must be careful when you pick the fabric that will dress up the part where it sits. Also, the pattern is really important. Use floral or arabesque patterns because they look amazing and with the right colors it will look fantastic. Don’t forget to paint the wood frame. Just a little advice: if the part where you sit it’s in a strong, bright shade use a darker color for the frame. Or you could even use a pastel color. Pay attention when you are playing with the colors because not everything is a match.

After you are done you can fill it up with the receivers favorite books. You could buy them from an antique store. Old books have their own beauty, some times this kind of books can have really special and unique drawings and images.

Just a reminder: if you are not highly skilled in woodwork this will be a really hard project.



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