Cleaning should not become a titanic work. If you know how to organize yourself and make your work easier, then everything becomes a game! Here are 9 cleaning tricks that will make your life easier. Everybody has to know them.

1.To remove the fingerprints from the phone screen or any other surface, use an eraser.

2. Clean the bathroom mirror with shaving foam. This will prevent mirror damping when you take a shower.

3. Wash the windows in cloudy days. If you wash them in sunny days, the cleaning solution will dry quickly, leaving unaesthetic marks on the glass.

4. Remove the unpleasant smell of textiles (kitchen towels, pets’ beds, etc.) by washing them with vinegar and sodium bicarbonate.


Cleaning in the kitchen just got easier

5. Clean the dish washing machine, starting it at a complete cycle, and add a glass of vinegar and 3-4 spoons of sodium bicarbonate instead of detergent. The same trick can be used to clean the clothes washing machine, too.

6. Coffee stains on the kettle or mugs, which are not removed after a normal washing, will disappear quickly if you use sodium bicarbonate instead of detergent.

7. Cover the nail holes with toothpaste. Use white toothpaste for cleaning.

8. Cleaning the laptop keyboard gets a lot easier if you use a microfiber rag and a little vinegar.

9. To remove the tea stains from a colander, use a slice of lemon and a little spoon of sodium bicarbonate.

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