MyHome.Style is the place where you can find inspiration for your home, your work space or just browse through amazing interiors. Our goal is to create an amazing community of architecture&design addicts like ourselves.

As an enthusiastic team, we would like to reach all those people that share our belief that a great living or working space attracts not only productivity or relaxation, but also inspires and gives you new perspectives on the so-called joie de vivre.

MyHome.Style will share the team’s findings in room decor, but also garden design, do it yourself projects and more. Also, a very important part of the enthusiastic’s team job is to find those designers and architects that manage to bring beauty in our lives and to get you acquainted. We believe that getting to know them better is an important part of the design process. So their expertise will become the reader’s, their inspiration will inspire for others.

So join MyHome.Style in our amazing journey and let’s decorate our life!

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